Children & Young People’s Services

We believe that young people with disabilities should have the same chances in life as their peers. Most want similar things:

  • to grow up in a safe and secure environment
  • to have fun with friends
  • to learn at their own pace
  • to develop their independence.

Children told us how painful it is to be left out of ordinary activities that others take for granted because their needs cannot be met. They told us what matters to them:

  • being respected and listened to
  • being able to play and have friends
  • to be able to learn at their own pace
  • to develop their independence.

Guideposts helps that to happen. All our clubs are inclusive and we encourage participation from all sections of the community.

It’s every child and young person’s right to express what they need and what they want, and to be supported to communicate how they feel, regardless of their ability. It’s their right to be listened to and live their own lives. That goes for their families too.

Our staff are skilled and they really care. We know how particularly difficult it can be for families with children with disabilities to access the support they need when they need it. We also know that with the right services at the right times all children, young people and their families can thrive. Guideposts provides children and young people with after-school and holiday care, youth clubs and social activities; we help families deal with challenging behaviour, provide specialist education and leisure opportunities, and offer innovative programmes and activities.

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